I enjoyed working with Meg. She is a gifted intuitive and is respectful, and clear in her presentation.  She has great integrity and her knowledge comes from her generous and beautiful heart. She helped me with healing some of my past issues with my parents. I felt safe and empowered throughout the session. CM

After completing an SRT session with Meg, I felt a sense of calm, expansiveness, and peace that was delightful and most welcome–and unexpected.  This is a fascinating process.  MT


I received Spiritual Response Therapy from Meg when I was in excruciating pain with no remittance.  I was recovering from having both of my hips replaced within a span of six months and had suffered significant complications.  Despite working with numerous doctors and alternative health practitioners, no healing modality could offer me relief, and there was no clear diagnosis by which to understand my symptoms.  I had very little mobility and spent most of my time in bed.  I became very scared and hopeless. And then, Meg gave me the gift of a healing session with SRT.  Within 24 hours, I experienced a profound change: physically, psychologically, and spiritually.  I had significantly less pain and felt hopeful for the first time in a year.  I was and am grateful for the seemingly miraculous healing that Meg’s SRT offered me, as well as the fascinating insight provided. HC

Although I don’t pretend to understand how SRT works, I can attest to the positive results I personally have experienced and witnessed. I have had the privilege of experiencing personal clearings facilitated by Meg Barry and of being present when she did clearings for others. What has stood out for me is her sensitivity, thoroughness, respectfulness, and efficiency. She invites but does not coerce, suggests but does not proclaim. Always careful not to overstep her training, especially in regard to questions involving medication. She is nonetheless extremely helpful in removing blockages to health and healing and to other aspects of life. I recommend Meg without reservations. JG


Fascinating!  Spiritual Response Therapy not only gave me insight as to why “I tick” the way I do, it helped me to understand why some of my relationships ran more smoothly than others.  Meg not only is an expert in her field with true intuitive channels, she is sensitive, compassionate, and understanding while she is helping you to break the ties of the past and remove old paradigms.  I trust Meg and the information she brings forth so much, I asked her to perform SRT clearings for each member of my family (spouse and two kids) and both my pets.  I believe in what Meg is doing and the benefits of the therapy, we even have had her clear several home/properties for me as well.  Try it …you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. JJ

Meg was sensitive to the way she delivered all information. She is also amazingly accurate. During our clearing I was able to sit back and listen, without feeling disturbed or frightened. Meg is both sweet and professional. She is a soul that is way beyond her years! She also gave a clearing to my son and a family friend who were both very pleased with their sessions. She is doing what she is meant to be doing. PH

I’ve had periodic clearings with Meg since crippling my hand in an accident 7 years ago. Each time we meet, her ability to articulate the workings of our higher selves inspires me. Whether she is casting reaffirmation of a spiritual pattern, or sharing a piece of pointed guidance taken from a past life, her clearings always leave me feeling refreshed and refocused. JS