Counseling & Psychotherapy

At Harvest Moon Awakenings we use a holistic therapeutic approach which integrates the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual selves. Counseling helps clients cultivate mindfulness and emotion regulation skills in order to alleviate symptoms of depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, and trauma.


Why Psychotherapy & Counseling?

We live in a society which encourages the mind to spin and physical body be neglected. As such, many of us run around acting on negative feelings and emotions completely disconnected from our deeper wiser selves. Clients will leave Harvest Moon Awakenings with a skill set to support them in creating positive change in their lives.

Meg’s Journey

Meg has been receiving psychotherapy in conjunction with alternative approaches for many years now and found the combination to be transformative. Alternative modalities such as Soul Clearings help to create powerful shifts in our lives by clearing subconscious and past life energies, however, we still live in a physical body with a thinking mind in this present moment. Our mind and the way it impacts our behaviors and daily interactions can be powerful and hold us back from experiencing true life altering shifts. Therefore, Psychotherapy and Counseling is an important piece to Harvest Moon Awakenings approach. Harnessing the power of the thinking mind can create even more powerful outcomes for individuals in their daily lives. As the phrase goes, “loving mind, wise heart.”